Tennessee recreational with recreational insurance coverage

Recreational Insurance

If you own a motorhome, travel trailer or even a pop-up camper, RV insurance is designed to ensure that your days spent on vacation are enjoyable and free from worry. Your RV has many different systems and parts that can fail or get damaged while on the road. Protect your pocketbook from sudden repair and replacement costs with the appropriate policy. A second home on the lake would be properly insured, so it only makes sense to add RV insurance for your mobile getaway.

Roadside Assistance

When a large travel trailer is disabled on the highway, you are going to require a larger tow truck than what your automobile roadside assistance coverage provides. A simple tow to safety could reach into the hundreds. With RV insurance, the inevitable breakdown while traveling will not destroy the vacation budget.

Storm Damage

Your RV is subject to the elements all year long, not just while you are using it. Be prepared to repair your vacation home from hail, wind, ice and water damage with an appropriate policy.

Missing Parts

It seems that you can never depart from the campground without leaving something behind. Antennas, stairs, bumper covers, spare tires and propane tanks often are excluded from general policies. Your independent insurance agent can work with you to ensure that some of the most routine repairs are covered.

Recover from Disaster

Your RV is a large investment, and not one most people are able to replace without considerable financial hardship. With the right RV insurance, you will be able to replace your vacation home in the case of total loss due to an accident on the road or while parked.

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